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Work, Family and the Law

Work, Family and the Law

Edited by Jill Murray


Simultaneous participation in paid work and family life is the ‘barbecue stopper’ question of 2005, as Prime Minister Howard termed it recently.

Many of the issues still concern the friendliness of the workplace towards women, who remain the primary carers of children in a majority of cases. But the juxtaposition of work and family is no longer only a women and children’s issue. Care of the elderly at home is increasing and there is also a growing number of males involved in primary care.

Work, Family and the Law is a special issue Volume 23 No 1 of the journal Law in Context. The contents are listed below. You can read the abstract for each chapter by clicking on its title. You may also purchase a single copy of this issue through this page, or subscribe to the journal from the journal page.

 Work, Family and the Law weighs the performance of the (now declining) industrial tribunals, the private bargaining between employers and workers and also the courts in their employment jurisdiction. Comparisons are made between Australia and other countries, particularly in Europe. Avenues of promise and areas of particular concern are indicated in the context of the looming great changes in Australian industrial relations.


Indirect Discrimination and the Worker-Carer: It's just not working

K Lee Adams
Parental Leave in Australia: The Role of the Industrial Relations System
Marian Baird
Challenging the Constitution of the (White and Straight) Family in Work and Family Scholarship
Anna Chapman
Managing Work and Family in the 'Shadow" of Anti-discrimination Law
Sara Charlesworth
The Role of Work/Family Discourse in Strengthening Traditional Working Time Laws: Some Lessons from the On-Call Work Debate
Deirdre McCann
Rethinking Place of Work: Federal Labour Law Framework for Contemporary Home-Based Work and its Prospects in Australia
Marilyn Pittard
Contracting for Work / Life Balance
Joellen Riley
Deconstructing the Heteronormative Worker or Queering a Jurisprudence of Labour: A Case Study of Family and Personal/Carer’s Leave in Australian Labour Law
Marc Trabsky


Published 28 November 2005
Publisher The Federation Press
ISBN 9781862875951
Australian RRP $33.00
International Price $30.00
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Family Studies
Industrial Relations / EEO
Law - Family
Law - Industrial & Employment

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