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The Resurrection of the Republic

Law and Policy Paper No 15

By George Winterton


This paper is no longer available in hard copy, but it is available as an electronic PDF file. Just order in the usual way and we will email you the file on receipt of payment.

A discussion of the 1999 Republic Referendum and the prospects for future constitutional change.


Offers a good summary of where the republican movement currently stands. ... focuses on why the 1999 referendum failed and how this can be remedied in the future by having the people involved at every step. … highlights that the direct presidential election is not inherently incompatible with the qualities required for a head of state in our governmental system. … pragmatism and commonsense found throughout the paper.

Law Society Journal (NSW), October 2001

Professor George Winterton’s paper … analyses in a thoughtful and intelligent way the reasons why the 1999 referendum failed. … As [he] points outs there remains considerable public support for a republic of one kind or another.

Law Institute Journal (Vic), October 2001


Published May 2001
Publisher The Federation Press
ISBN 9781862873834
Australian RRP $27.50
International Price $25.00
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Government / Political Studies
Law - Constitutional

Centre for International and Public Law - Law and Policy Papers

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