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Financial management

By Wes Obst, Rob Graham, Wayne Binney and Graham Christie


Presents an approach to the financial management of agribusiness enterprises that can be used to assist with the financial decision making for these businesses. Practical techniques are discussed in depth to provide the knowledge and skills necessary to complete a business plan for any agribusiness.

From an agribusiness perspective, the book covers information management, assessment of business profitability and equity, cash flow management, tax and estate planning, financial analysis, enterprise development and evaluation, finance management and the preparation of a business plan.


Agribusiness Management: An overview

Information Management

Financial Record Keeping

Cashflow Management

Assessment of Business Equity

Assessment of Profitability

Income Tax Management

Succession and Estate Planning

Financial Analysis

Developing a New Enterprise

Budgeting for Change

Finance Management

Business Planning

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Supplements to Chapter 7

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Published July 1999
Publisher The Federation Press
ISBN 9781862873179
Australian RRP $38.50
International Price $36.00
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Business / Finance
Agriculture / Farm Management

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