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Environmental Outlook No 3

Environmental Outlook No 3

Law and policy

Edited by Paul Leadbeter, Neil Gunningham and Ben Boer


This book includes contributions by a range of leading international and national experts on the general theme of environmental law, policy and sustainability. Its contributors identify a number of emerging trends in environmental law and policy on a global, regional and local level and provide a number of perspectives on how business and government can and should respond to diverse and increasingly serious, threats to sustainability.

Post-Rio political developments, including current initiatives, form a particular focus, as do the Commonwealth's environment protection and biodiversity conservation legislative initiatives and trends and developments at State level.

Also covered are: ISO 14001, incentives for cleaner production, the APEC trade liberalisation process, heritage protection, EIA and community right-to-know. The book complements but goes beyond previous books in this series in its distinctive focus on sustainability issues and their implications for environmental law and policy.


Opening Address:Reform of Commonwealth Environmental Law
Senator Robert Hill
Recent Developments in the European Union and the Earth Summit +5
Margaret Brusasco-Mackenzie
Recent Developments in Environmental Law in the Asia Pacific
Lal Kurukulasuriya
Implementation of International Environmental Law in the Asia Pacific
Ben Boer
Recent Developments in the United States: Prospects for the 105th Congress
J William Futrell
Incorporating Sustainability Principles in Legislation
Paul Stein and Susan Mahoney
Towards Sustainability: Incentives for Cleaner Production
Neil Gunningham and Darren Sinclair
APEC and ESD: Turning Sustained Economic Growth into
Ecologically Sustainable Development
Jan McDonald
Scope of the Commonwealth's Environmental Powers and Responsibilities
Geoffrey Lindell
Trends and Developments at State Level: A Western Australian Perspective
Bryan Jenkins
Recent Trends and Developments in South Australian Environmental Law
Paul Leadbeter
Beyond the National Environment Protection Council
John Taberner
International Marine Environmental Law and Policy:
20th Century Responses and 21st Century Challenges
Donald R Rothwell
The Development of Australia's Ocean Policy:
Implications for Marine Environmental Law
Sam Bateman
"Barbarians at the Gates of the Garden of Eden - Revisited":
Heritage Protection Foundation for the New Millennium
Simon R Molesworth
Having Our Cake and Eating It:
Heritage Protection and the Australian Minerals Industry
Ian Gould
EIA and the Politics of Reform
Steven Münchenberg
Environmental Marketing:Would You Buy It?
Amanda Cornwall
Concluding Remarks
Brian Preston

References/ Index

Published August 1999
Publisher The Federation Press
ISBN 9781862873155
Australian RRP $54.94
International Price $53.00
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