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Researching Industrial Relations

Researching Industrial Relations

2nd edition

Edited by Di Kelly


The first edition of this book has been the favoured text for students of research methods in all aspects of employment studies (industrial relations, employment relations, labour studies, HRM) since 1991.

It provides a coherent introduction to qualitative research methods and processes for employees undertaking research at work and for the senior undergraduate or new graduate commencing a research degree.

Contents are expanded and rewritten to include:

  • dealing with the choices of approach in beginning a research project
  • explanation and analysis of particular approaches (analysing literature, action research, interviews, surveys, legal research, case studies, multi-method research)
  • writing up a thesis or a commissioned report
  • beginning a thesis, multi-method research and case studies
  • extensive revision of the legal chapter
  • an appendix of legal internet sources.


Methods and methodology: the problem of industrial relations
Di Kelly
An essay on method and industrial relations
Braham Dabscheck
Tackling a thesis
Robert Castle
Research design and research strategy
David H Plowman
'Hopeful but modest': research design for industrial relations
Margaret Gardner
The literature search and review
Bradon Ellem
Analysing documents
Bradon Ellem
Researching labour law
Andrew Frazer
Designing and administering questionnaires
Ron Callus
Making a good case: the case study
Di Kelly
Interviewing, observation and ethnography: techniques and selection criteria
Paul Sutcliffe
The multi-method approach: benefits and challenges
John Buchanan
Put it in writing! Some guidelines for commissioned report writing
Michelle Brown
Righting it up
Norm Dufty



The main strength of this edited collection is its strong focus on the ‘how to’ and guidelines for walking early stage researchers through the development of research strategy and design, research methods, and writing up research theses or reports. The authors of each of the individual chapters strike a balance between simplified and accessible explanation of the complexities of industrial relations research and integrity and rigorous explanation of research methodology. … The text is an excellent guide for the novice researcher in industrial relations as well as a useful tool for more experienced researchers who can use it as a supplementary reference to maintain the rigour of their research.

Labour History, 89 (November 2005)


Published March 1999
Publisher The Federation Press
ISBN 9781862873131
Australian RRP $27.50
International Price $25.00
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Industrial Relations / EEO
Management & Human Resources
Law - Industrial & Employment

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