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Gender, Race and Comparative Advantage

Gender, Race and Comparative Advantage

A cross-national assessment of programs of compensatory discrimination

Edited by Penelope Andrews


Gender, Race and Comparative Advantage is a special issue (Volume 15 No 2) of the journal Law in Context. The contents are listed below.

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Introduction: Global Issues in Compensatory Justice
Penelope E Andrews
Affirmative Action and International Law
Maxwell Chibundu
Compensatory Discrimination and India's Untouchables
Oliver Mendelsohn
Affirmative Action in South Africa: Transformation or Tokenism?
Penelope E Andrews
Contested Terrains of Compensation: Equality, Affirmative Action and Diversity in the United States
Taunya Lovell Banks
The Ambiguity of Affirmative Action in Australia
Beth Gaze

Published July 1999
Publisher The Federation Press
ISBN 9781862872950
Australian RRP $33.00
International Price $30.00
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Law - Human Rights
Law - Industrial & Employment
Gender & Sexuality
Industrial Relations / EEO

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