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The Constitution of South Australia

By Bradley Selway


Selway, Solicitor-General for SA, analyses his State's Constitution in the first new work on State Constitutions for a generation.

His book covers all the traditional subject matter and a variety of related topics that are usually treated separately. Thus, considered in their constitutional context, is the recognition of Aboriginal customary law, the role of the monarchy, the activities of statutory bodies, and judicial review.

The Constitution of South Australia is essential reading for lawyers and other dealing with State constitutional problems in Australia. While focussed on South Australia, the similarity between the State Constitutions means it has general application elsewhere.


Development of the Constitution
The Queen
The Governor
The Parliament
Legislative Power
The Executive
Executive Power
The Judiciary
Public Finances
Statutes and the Crown
Crown Proceedings
Crown Employment
Crown Corporations
Crown Torts
Crown Contracts
Crown Lands
The Information and Knowledge of the Crown
Judicial Review of the Executive and the Judiciary
Table of Cases/ Table of Statutes/ Index


Update as at 30 April 2003


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Published June 1997
Publisher The Federation Press
ISBN 9781862872516
Australian RRP $66.00
International Price $64.00
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