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Reforming Australia's Unions

Reforming Australia's Unions

Insights from Southland Magazine

Edited by Michael Costa and Mark Hearn


How should trade unions respond to the challenges of decentralised industrial bargaining and the Workplace Relations Act 1996? What can stop the decline in union membership?

Reforming Australia's Unions is a comprehensive guide to this debate with a significant focus on union reform, workplace change, worker rights in a global economy and gender equity. Underpinned by key articles in Southland Magazine, each theme is introduced by experienced industrial relations practitioners who analyse the impact of labour market deregulation on the labour movement in the post-Accord era.


Introduction: The Australian Labour Movement and Industrial Relations, 1986-1996

Mark Hearn

Union Reform: Union strategy and the third wave

Michael Costa
Risky Business? Amalgamating Australia’s Unions
Mark Hearn
Big Unions: Better, or just Big?
Michael Costa
Enterprise Bargaining and the Future of Unions
Jeff Shaw
The ACTU’s Misguided Strategy
Peter Sams
Unions for Sale?
Maile Truscott and Salina Wells
Bonsai Economics from the Kamikaze Kids
Drew Cottle
The Accord and the Politics of Confusion
Michael Costa and Mark Duffy
Enterprise Bargaining, Restructuring: Who Benefits?
Interview with Steve Hutchins
Enterprise Bargaining: All Dressed Up, No Place To Go?
Ed Davis
APPM: The Anniversary of the Push
Bruce Roberts
Best Practice is Not ACTU Paternalism
Michael Costa
Super Unions: Dinosaurs of the Information Age
Michael Costa
The Future is Organising
Mark Hearn

Workplace Change: International trends and local developments

Russell D Lansbury
Just In Time? Stock Control and the Union Movement
Jon Zappala
Commission Sets the Pace
Jon Zappala
Monitoring Productivity: From Stop Watches to Video Cameras
Chris Wright
Human Resource Management Strategies: How Should Unions Respond?
Jim Kitay
Workplace Reform Needs Reformation
Jeff Shaw
Unions Grapple with the Global Market
Harry Knowles

Gender Equity

Suzanne Jamieson
Women in Work: Getting Equal?
Phillipa Hall
Division v Unity: The Clothing Trades Union’s Uneven History
Bradon Ellem
Equal Opportunity – Equal pay: The Law’s Delay
Dr Clare Burton
Muriel Heagney: The Struggle for Equal Pay
Harry Knowles
Enterprise Bargaining: Are We All Equal?
Professor Ed Davis

The Asia-Pacific Region and Worker Rights

Chris Leggett
Turmoil for Fiji’s Trade Unions
John Scott-Murphy
Culture of Work: Whither the Japanese Miracle?
Russell Lansbury
Sweatshop Superpowers? Working Conditions in South East Asia
Chris Leggett
Indonesia: A New Era of Workers Rights?
Harry Knowles
Will Vietnamese Workers Profit From ‘The Last Gold Rush’
Russell Lansbury
Clinton and the United States Workplace: Prospects for Reform?
Russell Lansbury

Australia and the World

Keith Suter
NAFTA: The Future At Work
Mark Hearn
See No Evil? Trading ‘The Australian Way’
Mark Hearn

Labour History

Ray Markey
Bob Ross and Sons: True Believers
Mark Hearn
How Labor Governs: The Career of Vere Gordon Childe
Terry Irving
John Burton: The Challenge Of Renewing Labor
Greg Pemberton
Who Rules in the Workplace?
Mark Hearn and Harry Knowles
Assessing the National Significance of the Labor Council of New South Wales
Ray Markey
Time to Dispel Industrial Group Myths
Stephen Holt
Memories of a Grouper
Jim Macken

Reviews, Reactions and Ideas

Harry Knowles
A New Labor Program?
Frank Stilwell
The August 17 Teacher’s Rally: Some Impressions
George Parsons
One Nation For Whom?
Professor Frank Stilwell
The Empire Strikes Back
John Williams
Who’s Who In The Zoo: The Radical Right In Australia
Peter Henderson
Terra Nullius: Dead, But Not Buried
Duncan Waterson
Is This Book a Monarchist Plot?
Peter Henderson
The Republican Debate: Our Costive Constitution
Duncan Waterson

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Published February 1997
Publisher The Federation Press
ISBN 9781862872486
Australian RRP $29.95
International Price $25.00
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