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The New Industrial Relations in Australia

The New Industrial Relations in Australia

Edited by Ian Hunt and Chris Provis



The new industrial relations: underlying issues
Chris Provis & Ian Hunt
Law and feminism in the new industrial relations
Rosemary J Owens
The new industrial relations: does it exist?
Malcolm Rimmer
Godzilla meets Bride of Frankenstein: industrial relations and anti-discrimination law
Sue Walpole & Ruth Jost
Business power and the politics of industrial relations reform
Doug McEachern
Are choices always liberating? Dilemmas of 'freeing up' the Australian labour market
Ian Hunt
Industrial relations legislation all dressed up and nowhere to go?
Roy Green

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Published June 1995
Publisher The Federation Press
ISBN 9781862871724
Australian RRP $49.50
International Price $45.00
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Industrial Relations / EEO
Law - Industrial & Employment

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