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Westminster Inc

Westminster Inc

A survey of three states in the 1980s

Edited by Allan Peachment


What’s wrong with the Westminster system? How can State governments take their State to the verge of bankruptcy before they are checked? What happened to accountability? Why did three Australian State governments lose billions of tax-payers’ dollars in the 1980s? Was it simple honest incompetence? Illegal behaviour? Corruption? Did three royal commissions find answers? Are there alternative explanations? Can it happen again?

This book examines all of these questions and more. Westminster Inc. is a compelling read. It examines the lessons to be learnt from the disastrous efforts of State governments in the 1980s to harness the private sector for public, developmental ends.


Victoria: State Enterprise and Labor in the Eighties
Jean Holmes

South Australia: Where Has All the Money Gone?
Ian Radbone

The Royal Commission into WA Inc
Allan Peachment

WA Inc: Failure of the System or Crime of the Employee?
Allan Peachment

Ethical Behaviour and Senior Public Managers in Western Australia
Allan Peachment

From the Westminster Model to Westminster Inc: A Survey of Three States
Allan Peachment, Ian Radbone and Jean Holmes


Published February 1995
Publisher The Federation Press
ISBN 9781862871649
Australian RRP $38.50
International Price $35.75
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Government / Political Studies

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