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Ethics for the Public Sector

Ethics for the Public Sector

Education and training

Edited by Noel Preston


An invaluable text for those designing or researching public sector ethics programs; its particular focus on ethics, education and training makes it unique within the Australian and New Zealand context.

Its sixteen chapters (plus an appendix) provide the rationale for ethics education in public sector agencies, analyse the dilemmas related to this enterprise, describe the range of public sector regimes in Australian and New Zealand jurisdictions, and offer practical guidance for implementing an ethics education or training program.

Leading academics and practitioners of administrative ethics provide an important contribution to the ongoing debate about ethics for public officials as well as an invaluable aid to those entrusted with the implementations of codes of conduct and ethics training. It is a must for public sector agency libraries, public sector managers and scholars of public administration.



Noel Preston

Institutionalising Public Sector Ethics

Charles Sampford

Public Sector Ethics Regimes

The Rediscovery of Professional Ethics for Public Officials: An Australian Review
Howard Whitton
Ethics Reform in the Western Australian Public Sector
Arthur Shacklock
Toward Public Sector Integrity in New South Wales
Elizabeth Moore
Ethics in Public Service: The New Zealand Experience
John Martin
Whistleblowing Initiatives: An Overview
John McMillan

Public Sector Ethics Education: Planning the Approach

What is Ethics Education and Training?
Simon Longstaff
Managing the Process of Ethics Training
John Uhr
Approaches to Learning Ethics
Michael Jackson
What Do Public Sector Managers Want?
Noel Preston and Peter Steane
Codes of Conduct for Public Officials: An Employee Perspective
Jeni Eastwood and Laurie Gillespie

Designing and Implementing an Education/Training Program

Making Ethics Part of Real Work
Alan Woodward
Why Codes Fail (and some thoughts on how to make them work!)
Simon Longstaff
Teaching Police Ethics
Trevor Jordan
Ethics Training: A Defence Perspective
Frank Harvey
Appendix: Resources for the Task

Published August 1994
Publisher The Federation Press
ISBN 9781862871458
Australian RRP $49.50
International Price $47.00
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