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A New Australian, a New Australia

A New Australian, a New Australia

By Paul Kraus


This is a story of the difficulties of the migration experience. Paul Kraus, a five-year-old refugee from Hungary, arrived in Australia with his family in 1949.


The Promised Land
Early Milestones
Assimilationist Tendencies
Culture Conflict
New Beginnings
Further Reading and References


"This is a wonderful personal and historical account of migrant experience in Australia from the 1950s to the 1980s. Paul Kraus came to this country with his parents as refugees from Hungry. Migrants then had to fit in with the Australian demand that they ‘become like us’. We see the effort the Kraus family make to fit in and the cost to them as a family. What distinguishes this account is the context in which it is told. The family fortunes and misfortunes are set against an historical account of a slowly awakening Australia. A New Australian, A New Australia has clear links with Andrew Reimer’s Inside Outside and Peter Skrzynecki’s poetry.

Deb McPherson, English Teachers’ Association

"There is a view of Australian history from the 1940s to the 1980s ... There is an account, personal and poignant, of the experience of migration and resettlement. ... Paul struggles to understand and represent the experience of others, especially his parents with their terrible losses in the old land and their efforts, rewarded and unrewarded, in the new ... It is hoped that those studying Australian social history, cultural studies, or related courses which touch on themes of cultural identity will make use of this book. ... Readers - thoughtful students, in particular, will also learn about what is involved in historical and cultural studies. As Paul struggles to understand and represent the experience of others, he gives us all a lesson in the understanding such studies require."

Bruce E Mansfield, former Professor of History, Macquarie University


Published July 1994
Publisher The Federation Press
ISBN 9781862871441
Australian RRP $18.64
International Price $17.50
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Immigration & Immigrants
Australian History / Studies
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