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Local Government Law in New South Wales

Local Government Law in New South Wales

By Linda Pearson


Since the introduction of the Local Government Act 1993 there is a whole new world in local government and planning law in New South Wales. At the same time, councils are facing new challenges. The community has higher expectations of them and Pearson takes account of this in her comprehensive review of the new legislation and of the relationship between councils and the other levels of government.

Her book examines the issue of constitutional recognition; council structures; the responsibilities of councillors and employees; the constraints on council decision-making; review of council decisions; accountability to the community; council powers and functions; planning and land use control; and the fundamental principles governing the interpretation of the legislation which apply to local government.


Local Government in Australia

Constitutional recognition/ Review of local government legislation

Council Constitution and Structure

Council elections/ Councillors/ Council employees/ Council Decision Making/ Council meetings/ Delegation of decision-making powers/ Process of decision making/ Voting/ Council as applicant

Supervision of Local Councils

Access to council information/ Administrative supervision/ Review by the courts/ Common law actions against councils/ Liability of council in performing statutory functions


Rates/ Charges/ Grants/ Fees/ Investments/ Loans

Land Use Control

Planning/ Development control/ Activities not subject to development control/ Subdivision control/ Building control

Powers and Functions

Service functions/ Regulatory functions/ Specific powers and functions/ Enforcement of local government and planning laws/ Enforcement of pollution control laws/ Council environmental responsibilities


Jurisdiction of Land and Environment Court
Sydney Local Environmental Plan No 30

Table of Cases/ Table of Statutes/ Index


Published March 1994
Publisher The Federation Press
ISBN 9781862871274
Australian RRP $49.50
International Price $45.00
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