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The Law Relating to Corporate Groups

By Michael Gillooly


This book comprises essays on topics of continuing relevance, by a field of eminent authors. Examples of issues discussed include: whether parent companies are liable for the debts of their subsidiaries (Eisenberg); problems arising when a corporate group member becomes insolvent (O'Donovan); problems arising on the collapse of groups, from a judicial perspective (Justice Rogers); problems for directors arising from conflicts of interest between the director's company and the group as a whole (Redmond); liability of directors of entities within groups (Austin); problems for tort creditors (Carroll), outside shareholders (Gillooly) and shareholders in the parent company (Redmond); and a cost analysis of different structures for managing an enterprise's various activities.


Corporate Groups
Melvin Aron Eisenberg
Corporate Groups - Management Dilemma
Philip L Williams
Grouped Therapies for Group Insolvencies
James O'Donovan
Corporate Parents and Tort Liability
Robyn Carroll
Corporate Groups - Problems for Outsiders
Justice Andrew Rogers
Problems for Directors within Corporate Groups
R P Austin
Outside Shareholders in Corporate Groups
Michael Gillooly
Problems for Insiders
Paul Redmond
Summing Up and a Search for Solutions
Ralph P Simmonds

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"The book represents an important contribution to the company law literature, which company law practitioners, as well as academics, will find of great use. ... I commend the book to all lawyers working in the field of company law."

Law Council of Australia - Business Law Section Newsletter


Published May 1993
Publisher The Federation Press
ISBN 9781862871106
Australian RRP $66.00
International Price $64.00
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