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Business, Ethics and the Law

Business, Ethics and the Law

Edited by C A J Coady and Charles Sampford


This book focuses on two central debates:

  • how to introduce higher ethical standards
  • how to regulate business activity and prosecute offenders

The authors bring outstanding experience and expertise from a wide range of disciplines. They provide critical reflection and analysis from the differing perspectives of regulators, philosophers, practising and academic lawyers and criminologists.


Approaching Business Ethics

The Future of Business Ethics: Legal Regulation, Ethical Standard Setting and Institutional Design
Charles Sampford and David Wood
Corporate Roles, Personal Virtues, Moral Mazes: An Aristotelian Approach to Business Ethics
Robert C Solomon
The Ethics of Business and the Role of Religion
John Langan

The Role of Law and Regulation

The Role of Regulators
Bob Baxt
Responsive Business Regulatory Institutions
John Braithwaite
Beyond Command and Control: Towards Flexible and Cost-effective Business Regulation
Neil Gunningham
Conflict of Interest: Chinese Walls and Bamboo Curtains
Frank Costigan

Ethical Contexts

Improving Ethics through Organisational Culture: A Comparison of Two Approaches
Amanda Sinclair
Ethos and Ethics in Business
CAJ Coady
'Beyond Compliance': A Corporate Response to Environmental Ethics
Chris Burnup
Ethical Reflection and Business Practice
Max Charlesworth

Published February 1993
Publisher The Federation Press
ISBN 9781862871052
Australian RRP $38.50
International Price $35.75
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