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The Australian Medicine Careers Guide

Edited by Manda Raz and Erwin Loh


The Australian Medicine Careers Guide is a unique book for medical students and junior doctors who aspire to pursue satisfying careers within the medical profession, providing advice and facts about the many career pathways that are available.

With input from newly graduated doctors and established medical practitioners, as well as information drawn from official sources and specialist training colleges, this book is a useful and beneficial academic companion assisting readers to navigate the otherwise complex medical career journey. It offers a mixture of career-building insight and specific training information that readers will find engaging and rewarding.

The Australian Medicine Careers Guide is conveniently divided into two main sections. The first section outlines how medical students can maximise their career prospects while studying at university and immediately after graduation. The second section presents the major career options available to junior doctors, followed by a discussion on the legal implications of being a doctor.

The final chapter in the book is a reminder that despite the technological advances in medicine and regardless of what career readers choose, humanity – the essence of the doctor-patient relationship – should be preserved and practised.


About the Contributors
Acknowledgments and Disclaimer

AMCG – Facts and Fallacies

Chapter 1: Applying for Medicine

Chapter 2: Inside Medical School

Chapter 3: The Transition from Medical School to Medical Employment

Chapter 4: Pre-Vocational and Vocational Training

Chapter 5: Choosing a Medical Career

Chapter 6: Specialty Training

Chapter 7: Major Specialties, Subspecialties and Career Pathways

Chapter 8: Niche Specialties, Subspecialties and Career Pathways

Chapter 9: Applying for a Senior Position

Chapter 10: The Legality of a Medical Career

Chapter 11: The Future of Medicine



Publishing 30 March 2018
Publisher The Federation Press
ISBN 9781760021672
Australian RRP $49.95
International Price $45.50
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