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National Security Law

National Security Law

Canadian practice in international perspective

By Craig Forcese


National Security Law: Canadian Practice in International Perspectives focuses on the law governing the Canadian state's response to events that jeopardise its national security. Specifically, these are events or plausible threats with the potential to inflict massive injury on life and property in Canada - terrorism, natural disasters and epidemic disease, and foreign attacks and domestic insurrections.

This book is informed by international and comparative law. It flags key dilemmas and challenges and critically assesses controversial issues such as torture. The book is divided into three main parts along the following themes: national security structure; national security objectives; and national security techniques.


Part 1: Setting the stage

Defining national security
Dilemmas in national security law

Part 2: National security structure

The institutional framework for national security law
The institutional framework in times of emergency

Part 3: Key national security objectives

Protecting against international insecurity and armed attack
Countering terrorism at the international level
Countering terrorism at the national level
Limiting proliferation of weapons of mass destruction
Protecting public safety and health

Part 4: National security tools and techniques

Intelligence sharing
Interception and interdiction

Published January 2008
Publisher Irwin Law (Canada)
ISBN 9781552211441
Australian RRP $79.95
International Price $75.00
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