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CIPL Law and Policy Papers - 1994-2001 Set

Paper Nos 1-19

This is the back set of Paper Nos 1-19 of the Centre for International and Public Law - Law and Policy Papers. Please note Paper Nos 12, 15 and 16 are no longer available in hard copy, but as electronic PDF files. Just order in the usual way and we will email you the files on receipt of payment.

Paper Nos 1-19 may also be purchased individually. They are:

The International Human Rights Movement: Part of the Problem? by Professor David Kennedy
Paper No 19 - Published March 2002/ ISBN 1862874174

One Hundred Years On: Strengths and Strains in the Constitution by Sir Gerard Brennan
Paper No 18 - Published September 2001/ ISBN 1862874166

Administrative Review: Observations and Reflections by Bettie McNee
Paper No 17 - Published September 2001/ ISBN 1862874158

Administrative Review in Transition by Justice Deirdre O'Connor, Susanne Tongue, Dr Peter Nygh and Margaret Carstairs
Paper No 16 - Published July 2001/ ISBN 1862873844

The Resurrection of the Republic by Professor George Winterton
Paper No 15 - Published May 2001/ ISBN 1862873836

Australia and the United Nations: Challenges in the New Millennium by HE Ambassador Penny Wensley
Paper No 14 - Published January 2001/ ISBN 1862873828

The Common Law in Australia: Its Nature and Constitutional Significance by Professor Leslie Zines
Paper No 13 - Published April 2000/ ISBN 1862873534

National Implementation: The Cutting Edge of International Human Rights Law by The Hon Elizabeth Evatt AC
Paper No 12 - Published April 2000/ ISBN 1862873526

Aspects of Judicial Review by The Hon Justice J R F Lehane
Paper No 11 - Published April 2000/ ISBN 1862873518

War Crimes Trials and the Future by Sir Ninian Stephen
Paper No 10 - Published 1998

Commonwealth Tribunals: the Ambit of Review by Robin Creyke and John McMillan
Paper No 9 - Published 1998

Executive Inquiries in Australia: Some Proposals for Reform by Tom Sherman
Paper No 8 - Published 1998

The Judiciary and Judicial Review by Sir David Williams
Paper No 7 - Published 1997

Reforming the Administrative Review System by Julian Disney
Paper No 6 - Published 1996

The Courts and the Vulnerable by Justice Paul Finn
Paper No 5 - Published 1996

The Internationalisation of Domestic Law by Sir Anthony Mason
Paper No 4 - Published 1996

Human Rights and Australian Judges by Sir Anthony Mason
Paper No 3 - Published 1996

Improving the Quality and Accessibility of Legal Services by Julian Disney
Paper No 2 - Published 1994

How American Judges Interpret the Bill of Rights by Norman Dorsen
Paper No 1 - Published 1994


Published January 2001
Publisher The Federation Press
ISBN 13287788/1-19
Australian RRP $99.00
International Price $90.00
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Centre for International and Public Law - Law and Policy Papers

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