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Professor Alex Steel

Professor Alex Steel

Professor Alex Steel researches and teaches in criminal law and legal education and is an author of successive editions of the highly regarded Criminal Laws: Materials and Commentary on Criminal Law and Process in NSW (2006, 2011, 2015). He has published widely on property and dishonesty crimes. Alex has also produced detailed law reform reports for Government and makes regular submissions to law reform bodies. Alex is a member of the Criminal Law Committee of the NSW Bar Association and has been an expert advisor to the NSW Law Reform Commission. He was previously a Consultant to the NSW Attorney General's Department, Criminal Law Review Division. He regularly comments on criminal law matters in the media.

Alex also has strong research interests in legal education. His publications range across the pedagogy and regulation of legal education, curriculum design, assessment practices and student wellbeing. He is a Consultant to the Australian Law School Standards Committee and a co-convenor of the Legal Education Associate Deans Network. He has received a number of major teaching awards.

Titles by Professor Alex Steel:

  • Criminal Laws - Materials and Commentary on Criminal Law and Process of NSW

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