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Kerry Petersen


Kerry Petersen is an Honorary Associate in the Law School at La Trobe University. Her main research interest is in medical law, particularly in the area of human reproduction. Kerry has held a number of research grants including two ARC Discovery grants with research teams; a Senior Research Fellowship at the School of Law, University of Glasgow; a Rockefeller Residential Fellowship Residency Program Bellagio, Italy; an Australian Bicentennial Fellowship Grant from the Menzies Centre, Kings College University of London; and a grant from the Fertility Society of Australia (G Baker). She has published the following books: Abortion Regimes (Dartmouth, Aldershot, UK) and Pink Pages: A Directory of Women’s Rights in Australia (Penguin Australia, with B Bishop); and edited books: Controversies in Health Law (Federation Press, with I Freckelton), Disputes and Dilemmas in Health Law (Federation Press, with I Freckelton) and Intersections: Women on Law, and Medicine and Technology Medicine (Ashgate, Dartmouth). Her most recent publications have been in the Australian and New Zealand of Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, as well as in the Australian and New Zealand Journal of Public Health.

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