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Alan Jessup

Alan Jessup

Alan Jessup is a partner at the national law firm Piper Alderman.

He is a specialist in the law and regulation of managed investment schemes having practised in this area for many years including before the introduction of the current regulation of such schemes through the Managed Investments Act 1997 and the Financial Services Reform Act 2001. He holds masters degrees in both law and taxation and has advised on both the legal, administrative and taxation issues concerning such schemes.

Alan regularly presents seminars in relation to the law and regulation of such schemes including financial services and taxation law issues. The Parliamentary Joint Committee on Corporations and Financial Services – Inquiry into aspects of agribusiness managed investment schemes - September 2009 refers to his submission throughout its report.

He brings to this area of law many years of practical experience as well as giving an understanding of the current law from an historical perspective.

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