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Andrew Lynch

Andrew Lynch

Professor Andrew Lynch teaches and researches in the field of Australian constitutional law. In particular, his research concentrates on the topics of federalism, judicial dissent in the the High Court of Australia, and the intersection of public law and legal responses to terrorism. He is an author of Equity and Trusts (2001 and 2005), What Price Security? Taking Stock of Australia’s Anti-Terror Laws (2006) and a co-editor of Law and Liberty in the War on Terror (2007), Counter-Terrorism and Beyond: The Culture of Law and Justice After 9/11 (2010) and Tomorrow’s Federation: Reforming Australian Government (2012), as well as an author of journal articles, conference and seminar papers in these and other areas.

Additionally Andrew has frequently been called before parliamentary and other inquiries to speak to submissions on matters of public law and Australia’s counter-terrorism legislative scheme. He writes regularly on public law issues in the media. Between 2008-2013, Andrew was the Director of the Gilbert + Tobin Centre of Public Law in the Faculty. He currently directs the Centre's Judiciary Project.


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